I am a freelance photographer living in the York area of the United Kingdom.
I love live music. I love the land. I love the sea.
You'll find them all here.

I hope you like the images displayed here and if you have any questions about anything on the site, please email me through the Contact page


John Illingworth, LRPS


Change of Address!
24th April 2014


Scotland's West Coast Scotland's West Coast
(Contains 15 photos)
I love Scotland's West Coast and in particular the Isle of Skye. I visit this part of the world as often as I can and this portfolio is the result of my visit in June 2015.
Thomas Duncombe's Boundary The Beautiful North Yorkshire Moors
(Contains 8 photos)
The National Park that is the North Yorkshire Moors can be both bleak and beautiful. I try to convey these characteristics in my work.
Beautiful Everglades Land
(Contains 29 photos)
I have always lived "inland" and I see the many different uses that the land is put to as potential subjects for my lens. Human structures create subjects that can be ugly or beautiful depending on the eye of the beholder and so I very rarely discard anything as a subject for my photography.
The Florida Power and Light Pier remains. Sea
(Contains 18 photos)
Though I have never lived by the sea, I have always wanted to. However the various twists and turns of life have meant that its never happened. The sea has always held a great fascination for me and I love photographing its many moods.
Summer Memory Creative
(Contains 14 photos)
Photoshop musings!
Music Music
(Contains 131 photos)
I love live music and photographing the very talented musicians who entertain me!